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“…from a sonic standpoint, All Out War’s sound is operating on a subtle foundation of punkish-grind (think DOOM) that all their wrecking ball of a sound, Agnostic Front meets Obituary, to go full on, scorched Earth at will. Lyrically, the band has a lot to say and address and well they should.  I like the message; we need it now more than ever. Standout tunes include “Gehenna Lights Eternal,” “Contempt be thy Faith,” and “Hanging on the Wire.” The anger is cranked to 10, the brutality factory is off the chart, and best of all? All Out War have gone next level maturing in sound, presence and vision. Thinking man’s hardcore. Buy this immediately.
Theron Moore / NEW NOISE

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For over two decades, All Out War has been unleashing their punishing brand of metallic crossover aggression. Through a consistent stream of uncompromising singles, EPs, and LPs, the band has been evoking chaos and sonic brutality upon the masses. They’ve defied convention, choosing to instead forge their own path on records like their seminal 1998 release, ‘For Those Who Were Crucified’, which set a new standard of what a metal and hardcore hybrid could be.

‘For Those Who Were Crucified’ may have achieved a new level of aggression in the underground, but it was just the beginning for All Out War. In the time since, they’ve released six punishing full-lengths and have been a part of vicious tour packages that are considered legendary by today’s standards. This arsenal of recorded misanthropy and waves of touring has led to the band’s reputation as a well-respected staple for metal and hardcore fans worldwide as they continue to spit in the faces of the close-minded in both hardcore and metal circles.

On their latest effort, ‘Crawl Among the Filth’, All Out War ride the fervid line between savage intensity and expertly executed heaviness. The sheer intensity of this record undoubtedly reaffirms the band’s standing as one of the most devastating units in underground music. All Out War have always been a band that defies genre barriers and refuses to fall in with the herd.